Renewal of the Agreement for the regulation of the work organization model

In the meantime, in order to ensure effective and efficient management of personnel scheduling and related administrative tasks, the parties have decided to extend the Agreement’s provisions on remote work until September 30, 2024. Therefore, all teleworking staff are confirmed to be allowed to work remotely up to 5 working days per month during the […]

Phishing reporting

In relation to the Phishing simulation campaign launched on 15 May 2024, please note that a dedicated e-mail address is available for users to report both real and simulated phishing. This user service, part of a Research Project of the Center for Cybersecurity and the Digital Solutions and IT Infrastructure Service, deals with the analysis […]

Gitlab Token expiration 29/06

Please note that Gitlab has introduced as a security best practice the expiration of tokens one year after the update, starting with version 16.0. So, even for versions with unlimited expiration, the token suspension date in FBK will be June 29, 2024.  After that date they will no longer be valid and you may therefore […]

Eduroam connection mode change

In order to increase the security level in FBK, we invite you to change the connection mode to the network “Eduroam”.  The Service does not recommend to authenticate by entering personal FBK credentials and the domain “”. Although this approach allows the user to connect, it exposes him to security risks and possible attacks.   […]

Phishing simulation campaign

The Foundation has always considered security a fundamental cornerstone. In recent years, the world of IT infrastructures has profoundly changed and consequently arises the need to equip with suitable tools to cope with the worsening of increasingly insidious IT risks, that compromises the security and integrity of one of the most important and sensitive components: […]

Notice of Tenure Track call for internal staff

For interested FBK staff With reference to the “Tenure Track Regulations”, with the aim of enhancing the Foundation’s internal expertise, we announce the opening of the following positions exclusively dedicated to the Foundation’s internal staff: Tenure Track position for a Researcher in the field of Custom Silicon Radiation Sensors for Big Science and Large Facilities […]

Access to FBK canteen extended to “private” guests

Starting April 15, FBK employees, collaboratorss and contracted staff will be able to access the FBK canteen together with a guest (such as a family member, spouse or acquaintance) as long as they are accompanied by the employee! To take advantage of this service, it will be sufficient to swipe one’s badge twice at the cashier’s […]

Summer Kids 2024

As previously announced, the Foundation together with the Kaleidoscopio Cooperative, in order to help families reconcile the management of their children with their work activities, is proposing two weeks of summer initiatives aimed at the children of FBK and HIT staff . These activities would take place at the Foundation’s premises in Povo before school starts, namely […]

Francesca Pidone, FBK Confidential Counsellor, meets the staff

Dr. Francesca Pidone will meet with staff to introduce herself and raise awareness of the issues of violence, harassment, discrimination, and behaviors detrimental to personal dignity. The meeting will provide an understanding of the important role the Counsellor plays in protecting staff in ensuring the dignity of individuals and institutions. The figure works to prevent […]

Tax Assistance 2024

To employees and in-house consultants of Fondazione Bruno Kessler The Foundation, thanks to the tax assistance service provided under the ACLI agreement, offers you the opportunity to make an appointment to file your 730/2024 income tax return form. The appointments can be made for either the FBK-Povo premises (via Sommarive, 18) or any ACLI location. To use the […]

Parking lot not available in S.Croce

We inform that from February 28th to March 15th the s. Croce parking lot and the garage will be closed, as to complete the installation of the new vehicle bar, flooring and draining  system. For any further information, please refer to Segata Corrado: [email protected].

Delivery of new PCs

Starting from mid-February, the new PCs are being delivered to FBK users in the administrative sector.The chosen model, ThinkPad L15 Gen 4 AMD, is more powerful, has a larger screen but retains the weight of the previous one. Additionally, each PC will have biometric access systems and a wireless keyboard and mouse (Lenovo Professional Wireless […]

Francesca Pidone is the new Equal opportunity and harassment advisor

With the aim of promoting organizational well-being and enhancing initiatives geared toward supporting individuals, the Foundation decided to make use of the position of an Equal opportunity and harassment advisor.Through a public selection notice, the professional identified to carry out the position at the Foundation is attorney Francesca Pidone ([email protected]). The advisor will be called upon to prevent, […]

total power outage in the West Building in Povo

From March 21 at 2 p.m. until March 25 at 6 a.m., there will be a total power outage in the West Building in Povo. On March 22, the cafeteria will be unavailable, but bar service will be enhanced.More details will follow shortly.

Reduction of canteen and bar service hours during the holiday

Dear colleagues, we inform you that starting from Wednesday 27 December 2023 to Friday 5 January 2024, due to the low turnout due to the holidays the canteen and the bar will observe the following opening hours: –          12.00-13.30 FBK canteen service; –           8.00-14.00 bar service. Both services will resume regularly starting from Monday 8 January 2024.  […]

In memory of Alberto

Dear colleagues, on Saturday, December 16, just two days ago, Alberto Franzoi lost his life swept away by an avalanche while engaged in a ski mountaineering excursion with his brother Marco, who fortunately escaped such a tragic fate. Alberto Franzoi had been working at our microfabrication laboratories since 2008, initially as an employee and then […]

Notice for Internal Call Tenure Track

For interested FBK staff  With reference to the “Tenure Track Regulations”, with the aim of enhancing the Foundation’s internal expertise, we announce the opening of a new Tenure Track position for a “Tenure Track position for a Project Manager” at  Digital Health & Well-being  Center, exclusively dedicated to the Foundation’s internal staff.  The call is reserved for […]

Call for Directors for the Centers Augmented Intelligence and Digital Society

Gentili colleghe, cari colleghi, vi informiamo che in data 12 ottobre 2023 sono stati pubblicati i bandi per la selezione delle Direzioni dei seguenti Centri: CENTRO AUGMENTED INTELLIGENCE CENTRO DIGITAL SOCIETY Ricordiamo che le fasi dei processi relativi alle selezioni in parola, così come quelle relative al rinnovo delle Direzioni in scadenza, saranno puntualmente partecipate […]

Direzioni di Centro ed evoluzione organizzativa

A tutto il personale L’aggiornamento continuo del modello organizzativo ed operativo della Fondazione è prossimamente chiamato a misurarsi su almeno due importanti passaggi. Il primo di questi due passaggi consiste nel rinnovo dell’incarico di quei Direttori di Centro in scadenza che intendono proseguire nel loro mandato e cioè: Silvio Ranise per il Centro Cyber Security, […]

Energy saving and environmental sustainability

Dear Colleagues,During the evening rounds to close the premises, we consistently notice a significant number of windows and portholes left open, as well as many offices and laboratories with the lights on.This leads to increased air conditioning costs and poses risks to our facilities. These costs, easily avoidable with a bit of attention and consideration […]

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