Supplementary funds

Supplementary pension plans (Legislative Decree 252/2005) are forms of retirement provision that workers can choose to enroll in during their working lives in addition to the compulsory one.

Supplementary pension plan

Supplementary pension schemes (Legislative Decree 252/2005) are forms of retirement provision that workers can choose to enroll in during their working life in addition to the compulsory one.

FBK offers employees with CCPL of Foundations contracts (excluding, therefore PAT workers)  the possibility of joining:

Membership is optional. The Human Resources Department is available for further information and clarification regarding the enrollment in the supplementary pension plan and to offer guidance on the procedure to be followed.

Useful info on supplementary pension plans

Supplementary pension fund

Supplementary pension plans are fed through the contributions of beneficiaries, who must contribute sums of money to the chosen fund either through voluntary contributions paid by the employee or employer or through the contribution of accruing severance pay.

Worker's options

Within 6 months of employment, the employee must make the choice of joining or not joining the supplementary pension plan.

The worker may:

If the worker allows the 6-month period of time provided by law to pass, membership in the categorical pension fund occurs automatically, resulting in the full and obligatory devolution of the accruing severance pay (silence - assent) to FondINPS, i.e., the pension fund established at INPS.

The choice concerning supplementary pension plans entails for workers a transformation of the regime concerning severance pay.



Sanifonds is a territorial health fund established for the purpose of reimbursing health benefits as a supplement to the Provincial Health System (SSP).

In accordance with Article 75 of the Foundation's Collective Agreement (CCPL), all employees with a permanent contract or with a fixed-term contract covering a duration of at least 6 months in the calendar year are entitled to automatic enrollment.

Enrollment in Sanifonds, which is fully paid for by FBK, is done in February and December and is valid for the entire calendar year, regardless of whether the person enrolled is still employed by FBK or not. Upon successful enrollment, you will receive a confirmation email directly from Sanifonds.

Please keep in mind that if you start working at FBK without yet being enrolled in Sanifonds (for example, in May), you will have to wait until December to be officially enrolled. Only after this time will you be able to claim reimbursements for health care expenses incurred during the entire year.

For those who would also like to enroll their family members in the fund, they can proceed independently by following the directions given here.