FBK networks

SIT provides users with different types of wired networks: trusted and untrusted.

Systems on the trusted and untrusted networks can only be accessed from inside the networks and cannot therefore provide external services. Exception must be discussed with the System Administrators.

Trusted Networks

Trusted networks are high‐security environments with direct access to all facilities for storage, calculations, printing, and other purposes. This category includes the Ethernet network and the FBKWf WiFi network. In order to guarantee an adequate level of security, the direct connection to these networks is granted to centrally‐managed computers only.

Users are authenticated centrally on a LDAP server with their trusted networks access credentials.

These networks are accessible in two ways:

  • using ethernet sockets located in all FBK offices;
  • connecting to the wireless FBKWf network.

All centrally‐managed computers are configured to automatically connect to these networks, therefore no user intervention is required.

Untrusted networks

Untrusted networks are environments with a lower security level, with indirect access to facilities for calculation, printing and other purposes. This category includes the GuestsFBK WiFi network. This network can be accessed by all not centrally managed computers, both privatly or FBK owned, provided they comply with the minimum security measures under Legislative Decree n. 196/03. Users are authenticated centrally on a RADIUS server for internet access purposes only, in compliance with Act n. 155 of July, 31 2005.

All FBK areas are covered by the GuestsFBK Wi-Fi network, a network with Internet browsing via web portal authentication. At the first navigation, the browser is automatically redirected to the authentication portal.

All employees of FBK and related entities can access the portal with an active login, using their e-mail address and password.

Guests can access the service by replacing the login credentials with an Italian mobile phone number by registering on the access web portal; the password is sent via SMS to the number indicated. In this case, the credentials are valid for the current day only.

For legal reasons, registration is only possible for Italian mobile phones; it is always possible to request access credentials through the Centers Support Unit or via e-mail to help-it@fbk.eu.

The processing of the data provided and the conditions for use of the GuestsFBK network must be explicitly accepted  on the registration page in order to receive the access password.

For more information about the untrusted network, click here .


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