Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are installed in different FBK's locations

Video surveillance systems are installed at FBK's locations:

  • Operational headquarters of Via Sommarive 18, Povo (TN)
  • Operational headquarters of Villa Tambosi - Strada delle Tabarelle 286, Villazzano (TN)
  • Registered office of via Santa Croce 77, Trento (TN)
  • Operational headquarters of via alla Cascata 56/C, Povo (TN)
  • Operational headquarters of vicolo Dallapiccola 12, Trento (TN)

The processing of collected data has the following purposes:

  • Safety and security of individuals attending the Foundation's premises against unlawful and fraudulent behavior;
  • Protection of both corporate and third-party property and assets against theft and vandalism;
  • Control of unauthorized access.

Personal data are processed in accordance with Article 4 of Law No. 300/1970 (Workers' Statute) and
having signed a special union agreement for the installation of the video surveillance system.

Updated by Determination No. 02/2022 dated January 31, 2022 of the Head of the Heritage Service as the person in charge of the Video Surveillance System

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