FBK 2023-24 Work organization model

FBK adopts a hybrid working model based on mutual trust, accountability, and collaboration while respecting the principles of equity, inclusion, and participation that characterize the FBK community.

Individual Agreement

All teleworking staff of the Foundation will find - as of June 20, 2023 - in the "Personal Documents" section of the INAZ user portal, the Individual Agile Work Agreement covering the period July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024. The 'Agreement must be duly signed and sent via the new Microsoft form  by July 31, 2023. PAT staff on call and administrative staff will receive the document via e-mail shortly.

In My Portal - requests in the section "Covenant of Reciprocity" is active the webform to customize the remote work regime from the one recognized "automatically".

Also found in the same webform is the link for the input of requests related to leverage related to customized training.

⚠️ ⚠️ Once the request for increased days has been submitted, Center Directors and/or Heads of Service must approve it by June 30 in order for it to be validated by the Human Resources Department and thus make it effective as early as July 1.

⚠️ ⚠️ Smart working must be carried out on Italian territory and the location identified must comply with the minimum standards established by workplace safety regulations. In this regard, please be reminded to take note of the INAIL Disclosure that supplements the individual smart working agreement.
Personnel who, by way of exception, intend to carry out work outside Italy (both EU and non-EU countries) are required to apply for authorization to hr.smartworking@fbk.eu with a copy to their Manager: each individual case will be analyzed and if possible authorized, in order to ensure insurance coverage and proper tax and contribution treatment.