The Scholar team, across the Directorate Support and Center Support Units, can support you in activating collaborations with university students or recent graduates.

The Scholar team, the cross-Unit team with members from the Directors Support and Center Support Units, will be able to assist you with activating collaborations with undergraduate students or newly graduates.

Once you have identified the resource - through direct contact or with the support of HR Service colleagues - you can activate:

● curricular internships

● thesis collaborations

● 150-hour collaborations for University of Trento undergraduate students

● non-mandatory internships for people who have graduated either from high school or college no more than one year before application

● training and orientation internships for those enrolled in Trentino Employment Centers

● professional internships for access to professional associations

● internships for people with disabilities or disadvantaged people through the Trento Employment Agency

For a more detailed description of internship types see here.

The resource will need to inquire in advance with the department secretary, the Internship Office of their university, or through the Employment Agency to find out if they fall into one of these categories and the procedures required on the Entity side.

Activating a collaboration with students

College students, recent graduates, unemployed people

● for support in the selection phase write to [email protected]

● for information on types, timing, and activation procedures take a look at the attached information or contact [email protected]

● if you have already identified the correct resource and type of internship, please send Richiesta Scholar via the app MyPortal. The Team Scholar will support you in the activation process.

The request should be sent well in advance to allow the necessary administrative and legislative requirements to be fulfilled.