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"Take care of your mind" is an initiative for individual and occupational well-being that offers advice and psychological support in a protected, nonjudgmental context characterized by empathy and professional expertise.

"Take care of your mind" is an initiative for individual and occupational well-being, that offers advice and  psychological listening and support in a protected, nonjudgmental context, characterized by empathy and professional expertise, to help the worker/employee acquire psycho-social tools and skills useful for dealing with a momentary situation of work difficulty or individual malaise. More generally, the desk aims to foster an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of the individual, with consequent positive effects on motivation, performance, and business climate.


The counter service will help the person to analyze and read his or her own experience of difficulties in order to grasp the causes and consequently to identify personal and/or organizational strategies, tools, skills and/or future actions to prevent and cope with distress.


  • information, support and counseling;
  • prevention of work and/or individual distress;
  • monitoring of possible risk situations;
  • support for the structuring of personal and professional identity.

Mode of conduct and service delivery

  • up to 3 meetings per person
  • duration of 50 minutes per meeting;
  • in-person meetings (at the Rustico di Villa Tambosi) and distance meetings with Dr. Chiara Vicario;
  • service by appointment
  • full respect for privacy
  • meetings in Italian or English

To book your session please write to
If you are unable to attend the meeting, please notify Dr. Vicario at least 1 day in advance.

To know more about the Take care your mind service write to

Target audience

All Foundation staff, including staff made available PAT.


The listening space is run by Dr. Chiara Vicario, a psychologist and psychotherapist registered with the Order of Psychologists of Trent, sect. A no. 585.

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