Access to laboratories

Access to laboratories (medium risk areas)

Most laboratories at FBK are characterized by specific risks (chemical, biological, laser, radiogenic, ...), so they are considered "medium-risk areas" with restricted access. At the time of new worker (FBK, scholar, co-locate...) onboarding, only perimeter gate access low-risk areas are enabled with the badge.

Access to these laboratories can be enabled in two modes: VISITOR mode and REGULAR ACCESS mode.

In any case, even for accesse of only a few hours or sporadic, the worker must receive adequate INFORMATION (with a form to be filled out and sent to [email protected] by the laboratory's supervisor; some laboratories - MNF - have agreed on a different, tailored type of form) on:

  • presence HAZARDS and RISKS
  • MEASURES for risk reduction
  • WORK PROCEDURES to be adopted

other information, at the discretion of the person in charge, aimed at carrying out work activities safely.

Visitor access

Individuals who need occasional access to the laboratory (be it daily visitor or extremely sporadic visitor access) for low-risk activities (simple visits or inherently non-hazardous machinery/activities),  MAY BE GRANTED REGULAR ACCESS STATUS WITHOUT enabling their BADGE!

For this type of access, which should be limited and offered only if in agreement with the specific Safety Officer, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Head introduces the visitor to the Safety Officer by requesting access to the specific area concerned.
  2. The visitor, upon receiving adequate INFORMATION from the Safety Officer (who will retain the completed and signed form), will have access under the strict SUPERVISION AND RESPONSIBILITY of the Safety Officer and/or the Lab Head, who will concurrently provide access to the restricted area.

Regular access

For people who need access on an ongoing basis for medium-risk activities, ACCESS TO VARKS VIA BADGE IS PROVIDED!

1. Worker's Manager requests access to the Person in Charge for the specific area of concern.

- [Only for access to SD-MNF gates] The request is made via FABLIMS sw by the Unit Manager. For more information write to the MNF Quality Manager [email protected].

- At this stage it is important to be fully aware that access will be provided only to those who have the necessary prerequisites:

  • appropriate MANSION
  • SANITARY eligibility.
  • successful SAFETY TRAINING (General and Specific modules including specific risks, any updates, in validity).

2. The Person in charge proceeds by providing the necessary INFORMATION to the worker and producing the completed information sheet.

3. The Person in Charge initiates the request for the assignment of the gates, through an email to [email protected], communicating:

(a) SUBJECT of the email: request for laboratory access (or similar).

(b) NAME and SURNAME of the person to be provided access.

c) VARKS to be enabled (door code, e.g.: PE 06.54, and/or the name of the doorway if you know it)


4. Security service operators will provide access to the gates via worker badges once they have verified the presence of the necessary prerequisites.

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