Religious diversity and TESEO project

A Living lab for religious diversity.


The coexistence of people with different faiths, religious affiliations, spiritualities and beliefs in FBK represents a resource to be deepened, recognized and enhanced. The reflection that the Foundation has undertaken in this regard is one of the objects of study of the Center for Religious Studies  and the  TESEO Project (supported by CARITRO), which investigates the places where different religions and forms of spirituality coexist in the Trentino area and the possible creation of multi-faith spaces in physical and virtual contexts.

The TESEO team developed a questionnaire proposing to the internal community some questions regarding religious diversity that will also support the analysis that FBK is carrying out regarding the possible setting up of a mediation space at the Povo location.


Team D&I

Manuela Bacca - Fabiana Falco - Viviana Minuz