Anonymous disclosures – Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing is a tool that enables the safe and confidential reporting of alleged illegal or fraudulent activities, dangerous or risky situations such that may cause harm of various kinds.

Whistleblowing is a tool that allows the safe and confidential reporting of alleged illegal or fraudulent activities, dangerous or risky situations that may cause harm of various kinds.

In addition Fondazione Bruno Kessler offers the whistleblowing platform for the reporting of facts, behaviors or situations that do not conform to the principles of non-discrimination and inclusion.

Disclosures can be made through the IT platform activated as part of the WhistleblowingPA project (promoted by Transparency International Italia and the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights), which uses the HTTPS encryption protocol for the transfer of data in a confidential manner, which allows both anonymous disclosure (as long as they are well substantiated) and disclosures reporting the author's name,  with the obligation for those who receive them to ensure confidentiality and privacy and keep the name of disclosure’s author confidential.

Who can file a disclosure claim?

  • All FBK staff, of any classification, level, and job description (including PAT staff working at FBK), students, interns, thesis and doctoral students, guests, and affiliated staff.
  • Employees and collaborators of entities subject to control by FBK and vendors supplying goods or services or contractors performing works for FBK.

How can you submit an anonymous disclosure?

Click on the "MAKE A DISCLOSURE" button (Do not use the Internet Explorer browser!).

Once the disclosure form has been completed, a code will be displayed that only the person who is making the disclosure can see. With this code, the whistleblower will be able to log into the platform periodically, read responses, exchange information with FBK, and attach additional documents. The code should be saved and kept in a safe place.

Processing of personal data contained in whistleblower disclosure

Read the information notice

Are you aware of any illegal action or information about misconduct in your work environment?

Operating Channel

With Law No. 190 of November 6, 2012, the legislature stipulated that public entities and private-law entities in public control must have a functional organization-wide system for the prevention of corruption (the Three-Year Corruption Prevention and Transparency Plan).

In this context, everyone's cooperation is essential.

The Law protects those who report unlawful conduct of which they have become aware because of their working relationship or collaboration, preventing them from being sanctioned, dismissed or subjected to any kind of discrimination because of their claim (so-called whistleblower).

Disclosures will be reviewed by FBK's Prevention of Corruption and Transparency Officer only.

More information on the various ways of reporting illegal action is available on the Amministrazione Trasparente website.

Increased protection of your anonymity

TOR project

Disclosures can also be mada via the TOR network, which ensures, in addition to the protection of the transmission content, anonymity in the communication, making it impossible for the recipient and all intermediaries in the transmission to keep track of the internet address of the  individual making the disclosure (for more details).

Notice to staff with FBK centrally managed PC's!

Since the TOR browser should be installed by the FBK IT Support Unit, to ensure complete confidentiality we recommend that you download the application directly from the official TOR page on a personal device.

Have you experienced or witnessed situations that do not respect the principles of inclusion and nondiscrimination?

Coming soon


With a view to organizational well-being, the Foundation also constantly monitors the internal climate in relation to perceived pressure - both formal and informal ones.

On this front, a new channel is being developed for the reporting of situations that do not comply with the stated principles of equality of opportunity and non-discrimination for female workers, as well as inclusion and respect for diversity.

Disclosures will be processed by the Equal Opportunity & Harassment Advisor(s) (under development).


All the ways for reporting illegal actions at FBK