Incontriamoci Network

A starting point for building a broader women's network with goals to build together!

In 2020, " Incontriamoci" (Let’s meet!) was created within FBK. The initiative aims to foster the sharing of experiences:

  • between senior and junior women, and vice versa
  • between-female colleagues in administrative offices and female researchers
  • between female researchers from different areas.

We belive that female exchange, among women who are different but share the same research reality, fosters enrichment, both personal and professional, and benefits the group and FBK more generally.

This is not a new initiative in the Foundation, as previous significant projects around the theme "gender and science" have been implemented as early as 2000, starting from ideas born "from the grass roots" and then growing gradually thanks also to the support of management. In more recent years (2012-2017) FBK participated in the FESTA (Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia) project funded by the European Commission.

the starting point for building a wider network with goals to be built together!

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