Working safely

Fondazione Bruno Kessler puts worker safety and health among its top missions. This objective is pursued through the functions of the Prevention and Protection Service as defined in Article 33 of Legislative Decree. 81/08.

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Working safely

The main activities carried out in the field of safety are the drafting and updating of the Risk Assessment Document (R.V.D.), the drafting and updating of the Interference Risk Assessment Documents (I.U.V.R.I), the drafting and updating of the Emergency Plan, the organization and conduct of mandatory Worker Safety Training courses for low risk activities, the organization of mandatory Worker Safety Training courses for medium risk activities, the management of activities related to Health Surveillance (with the exclusion of medical acts), the qualification of accesses, the updating of the register related to accidents and injuries, the management of obligations related to the disposal of special hazardous and medical waste, the relationship with the Workers' Safety Representatives (R.L.S.), conducting and implementing the safety management system, audits and verification of activities, internal COVID-19 management and help desk service.

In particular, the Service provides for the identification of risk factors, risk assessment and the identification of measures for the safety and healthiness of the work environment, based on specific knowledge of the company's organization, elaborating, to the extent of its competence, both preventive and protective measures for workers and control systems for these measures. In addition, the department is responsible for developing safety procedures for various company activities; proposing worker information and training programs; and directly providing workers with primary information and training on occupational health and safety hazards related to various activities.

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