Guest Safety Policy

Dear guest, welcome to the FBK site at 18 Sommarive Street, Povo-Trento. Because your safety is of utmost importance to us, we encourage you to become acquainted with the information regarding how to behave in the areas and premises where hazards are present and the procedures to be taken in case of an emergency.

After collecting the visitor's card from the concierge service:​

await the arrival of the contact person to be escorted into the premises. FBK's accompanying staff is responsible for your safety during your stay, so strictly adhere to the directions and information given to you with particular reference to safety and emergency procedures;​

do not walk away on your own and always ask your contact person if you have any requests and/or needs;

take a look at the emergency floor plans displayed in the buildings in order to identify the escape routes, emergency exits and the assembly point in case of evacuation;

do not get close to machines, equipment or equipment in operation/movement.​

There is a ban on smoking throughout the site. Make use of the dedicated area.

Separate waste by following the directions on the containers.​

It is forbidden to photograph and film inside the premises without the consent of the contact person. ​

In case of emergency alert your contact person or phone the operator on duty at the concierge service by dialing 0461/314123 or 123 if from an extension phone.

At the sound of the siren, which will remain active for the duration of the emergency, all personnel in the area should evacuate the building, follow the directions of thepersonnel Emergency Officer (yellow bib)and proceed to the assembly point.

During evacuation, keep calm and do not run.

Assembly points

Never use the elevator in an emergency; always use the stairs.