Purpose of Timesheet

Completing a single electronic record (timesheet) serves two purposes:

  • Accurately recording and certifying working time for each project, with the aim of determining the hourly cost of staff to be charged to accounts in funded projects.
  • Tracking and monitoring compliance with contractually established working hours for all clock-in-only research staff.

Who is required to complete Timesheets?

Timesheets must be completed by all research staff who, regardless of contract type, perform work on projects requiring financial reporting  at the Foundation (by way of example but not limited to: permanent employees, fixed-term employees,  in-house consultants, any other types of contracts on projects, etc.) by staff, including non-research staff, who in any capacity perform work on accountable projects.

Timesheet date and signature

Our Timesheet system is processed fully electronically. At the specific request of the controlling bodies, it is possible to provide accurate proof that individual researchers have unique access to the system, and through the dedicated log it is possible to show the date and time when the Timesheets were completed and submitted for approval to the respective Managers. With the same system it is possible to provide proof of the date and time when the managers approved the Timesheets of the team members under his or her supervision.

FBK timesheet management procedure

1. Input and confirmation by the resource

The timesheet template must be completed by logging into the portal and attributing the actual hours worked to the various jobs/projects assigned by the respective Managers.

In view of the reporting rules imposed by PNRR projects, Timesheets must be completed by noon on the 2nd working day of the following month.

Please note that a prerequisite for the completion of Timesheets is the accurate tracking of attendance recording and travel data.

As per relevant procedures, timesheets must be cleared of any anomalies as well as authorized by the direct supervisor(s) by the first working day of the following month. In order to avoid situations of non-compliance and disputes-with related negative impacts on reporting-if hours are found to be missing during the monthly closing of timesheets, the "Ferie a giornata" event will be entered ex officio and it will be  no longer possible to change it.

Therefore, worker will need to update their INAZ timesheets, as well as the travel management software and their MAP timesheets on a daily basis.

In the event inconsistencies  between the MAP Timesheet and the INAZ timesheet that cannot be remedied by the resource (due to absences, various impediments, lack of network connection, etc...) within two working days, the administration is authorized to fix the MAP Timesheet/INAZ Timesheet data.

2. Approval

Cost Center (CoC) Managers must approve Timesheets by the evening of the 2nd working day of the following month directly from the portal

Managers have the right to reject Timesheets; in this case, they become available again to the resource, who may modify it, if needed, and re-submit it for the Manager's approval within the above deadlines.

Timesheets of CoC Managers must be approved by their direct Manager, i.e., the Manager hierarchically next higher in the organizational chart.

Verification of the accuracy of what is stated in the Timesheet is the responsibility of the resource person who completes it, while the CoC Manager has a supervisory and approval function for  time reporting of the resources involved in the projects.

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