Eligibilty to FBK food services at FBK

  • FBK staff as well as authorized and contracted entities may use the cafeteria service with their badge, while meals taken at the coffee shop are to be paid with the Day Buonipasto card or in cash.
  • Authorized guests who are not FBK employees are not eligible for cafeteria service.
  • Authorized FBK staff guests may use the cafeteria service if accompanied by an FBK  staff member who will use his or her badge, swiping once for him - or herself and once for each guest and provide the cafeteria check-out operator with the guests' first name, last name and affiliation. An email will automatically be sent to the badge holder and to his or her cost center manager.
  • Reservations for meals in the lounges or meeting rooms should be made through the Center Support Service.
  • FBK employees, collaboratorss and contracted staff will be able to access the FBK canteen together with a guest (such as a family member, spouse or acquaintance) as long as they are accompanied by the employee! To take advantage of this service, it will be sufficient to swipe one's badge twice at the cashier's desk and tell the canteen staff to enter "private guest" in the system, providing the guest's first and last name.

    The meal cost of €6 will be charged on the employee's pay slip in the month following the meal's use, making the payment process simple and transparent.

Composition of the cafeteria meal:

Traditional line

  • no. 1 first course
  • n. 1 second course
  • n. 1 raw or cooked side dish
  • n. 1 fruit or dessert
  • bread or crackers

One-dish line

  • No.1 Unique dish of the day (among three sciente)
  • drinks usable through dispensers in the dining room
  • No. 1 fruit or dessert
  • bread or crackers

It will be possible to replace the first course or second course each day with an additional side dish or an additional fruit or dessert.