Parcel Delivery

Useful information related to parcel delivery service

With a view to implementing organizational logics geared toward optimizing the management of life time and work time, a service for receiving personal packages and correspondence at the workplace is in operation in FBK. In this regard, we remind you that:

  • it is allowed to send personal parcels of limited size and weight with pickup at the warehouse in the Povo office during opening hours or directly at the concierge in the other offices.
  • on the canteen floor of the Povo office, the Amazon locker is available, that allows pickup at any time from Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • for parcels coming from non-EU countries, staff are asked to pay close attention to the conditions of return as the goods must be returned customs cleared (DDP) with customs bill and invoice in the name of the individual and the name and/or vat number of FBK must not appear.

Amazon locker

As of February 01, 2021, you can receive Amazon personal packages at your FBK work location, with pickup as specified below:

  • Povo location: at the  AMAZON LOCKERS located at the West Building, cafeteria floor, corridor between the warehouse and the server room
  • Santa Croce location: at the concierge desk, ground floor.
  • Villa Tambosi location: pickup by the person concerned directly from the carrier. In case that is not possible, pickup by the  ECT* Research Support Staff may be requested - by prior arrangement - in order to avoid missing deliveries or  leaving packages unattended outside the building.

How to select the Amazon FBK locker

When finalizing your purchase, select the locker adding it to the list of your mailing.

Look it up by entering the zip code or the street.

Select "Confermo di avere accesso a questa posizione"

It will thus appear among your possible mailing addresses.

At the time of delivery, Amazon will provide you a code to open the locker.