Notice for Internal Call Tenure Track

Notice for Internal Call Tenure Track

Servizio Risorse Umane

For interested FBK staff 

With reference to the “Tenure Track Regulations”, with the aim of enhancing the Foundation’s internal expertise, we announce the opening of a new Tenure Track position for a Tenure Track position for a Project Manager" at  Digital Health & Well-being  Centerexclusively dedicated to the Foundation’s internal staff. 

The call is reserved for internal candidates who have an ongoing fixed-term subordinate employment relationship with the Foundation (regardless of seniority), PAT employees who work for FBK and for temporary agency workers assigned to the Foundation. 

You can find the Call description and other supporting documents in the HOW TO website. 

Interested parties are invited to submit their application by the 1st of December 2023 by filling the form at this link.

For any support, further clarification and/or information, the Human Resources Service will remain available at  

Best regards, 

Human Resources Service 

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