The Foundation has always considered security a fundamental cornerstone. In recent years, the world of IT infrastructures has profoundly changed and consequently arises the need to equip with suitable tools to cope with the worsening of increasingly insidious IT risks, that compromises the security and integrity of one of the most important and sensitive components: data, personal one or owned by staff and users.

Moreover, in recent times there has been a significant increase in phishing emails, which pose a threat to the security of our systems and sensitive data. This phenomenon has been particularly evident in recent months, when some colleagues received phishing emails that seemed to come from the Digital Solutions and IT Infrastructure Service.

For these reasons, the Service, in collaboration with the Cybersecurity Center and the Corruption Prevention, Transparency and Privacy Unit, decided to launch a phishing simulation campaign to mitigate these risks and ensure the security of information. This initiative will assess the internal level of awareness and preparedness in cybersecurity practices.

During the campaign period, some colleagues will receive simulated phishing emails, designed to accurately reproduce real ones. The goal is to prepare the Foundation staff for a potential event and identify any weaknesses, improving the global ability to recognize and manage potentially dangerous situations. 

For any development, doubt or request relating to this initiative, please contact the Digital Solutions and IT Infrastructure Service writing to [email protected] or calling 111.