Human Resources

Who has to fill out timesheets?

Useful information about timesheet are available here.


Is there a response plan in case of emergency?

Yes, in case of an emergency, there is a response plan in place to safely handle the situation.

Within all the different Kessler Foundation locations there are people trained to deal with
a medium-risk situation in the event of a fire, who make up the emergency
intervention or emergency response team.

Other information  here.

What is the procedure to follow in emergency situations?

1. Always inform the Staff of the
a. internal tel. - 123
b. if not calling from FBK equipment tel. 0461 314 123
In the event of a fire, operate one of the emergency buttons located in the corridors by
by breaking the slide of the specially marked buttons

2. In case of difficulty, inform the Institute contact persons directly:
- Internal tel.: 307
- External tel.: 0461 314 307
- Cell phone: 335 5875530
- Internal tel.: 307
- External tel.: 0461 314 307
- Cell phone: 335 5875530

Other information here

Who can enable FBK building accesses?

For enabling accesses, send a request to

Useful Material

How can I contribute to the FBK Magazine

Useful information on contributing to FBK's Magazine for NON FBK staff is available here , while internal staff can contact the communications department

Where can I find the release form to use photographs and videos?

Release forms for adults and minors are available here.


What should I do to apply for registration for an event that does not involve travel but only online participation, or individual membership?

Fill out the Purchase Request form (RdA)

What do I need to do to request access to FBK for a visitor/vendor make payments to non-FBK staff?

Access "My Portal/Requests" and search the relationship between those described in "Incoming Persons and Affiliates"; if in doubt, contact

What should I do to request a hotel or restaurant reservation in Trento?

Log in to My Portal and fill in the following form

What do I need to do to apply for FBK cafeteria access for outsiders?

Login to My Portal and fill in the following form

*reminde that you can accompany outsiders to the cafeteria and swipe your badge n times x n number of guests and upload the cost to FBK, the Budget Manager will be notified