Confidential Counsellor

With the aim of preserving the principles of respect and inclusiveness in the workplace and enhancing initiatives geared toward supporting the individual, the Foundation employs the Confidential Counsellor.

Who she is

This figure is provided for in European legislation that recommends public and private employers to designate a skilled person responsible for providing advice and assistance to/for employees suffering harassment, mobbing and discrimination.

She collaborates to promote and maintain a healthy work environment by supporting organizational and individual well-being. This position is part of the Foundation's vision to promote respect, inclusiveness while preserving the characteristics of confidentiality with respect to facts and people, impartiality, autonomy and independence of judgment.

The presence of this figure underscores the Foundation's commitment to an organizational culture that promotes collaboration, mutual respect and the well-being of all members of the community.

What she can do

  1. Prevent and resolve any form of discrimination, violence and/or harassment;
  2. Provide listening, counseling, and assistance to those who feel they are being victims of discrimination, violence, and/or harassment, discussing with the person on the most appropriate course of action for the positive resolution of the case;
  3. Manage interpersonal conflicts or uncomfortable situations in the workplace by collaborating, with prior authorization, with the appropriate institutional figures (e.g., occupational health physician, Head of Human Resources, Head of the Prevention and Protection Service, etc.);
  4. Suggest training actions and initiatives to promote awareness and ensure the dignity and freedom of all Foundation members.

How the service works and how it is provided

  • in-person and virtual meetings;  
  • Appointment-only service handled independently by the professional in charge
  • utmost confidentiality, respecting the privacy and wishes of those involved, providing a safe environment to share concerns and problems.
  • meetings in Italian or English

Who is it for:

Anyone who studies, works, or transits in various capacities at the Foundation and believes that he or she has been subjected to or witnessed acts or behavior that are considered harmful to the dignity of the person or that cause psychological discomfort on the job, and that are connected to cases of mobbing or harassment.

Contact details:

You may report a situation anonymously through the dedicated channel whistleblowing or you can contact the  directly Francesca Pidone at

For information on service operation, please contact