Video and audio conferencing services are available.

Videoconference suites

We have integrated Google Meet and MS Teams, which can be used on tablets, phones and PCs, via installed clients or browsers

Both tools are enterprise quality, are integrated with FBK credentials, but have different characteristics

Several new features have been announced in recent months, some already implemented, others on the way

They are tools for audio/video conferencing, interactive or broadcast, with whiteboard functions, breakout rooms, automatic captioning, recording, etc.

For more information about the videoconference suites, please visit the following link: Google MEET vs MS TEAMS


Audioconferences from your phone

An audio conference service, phone or Skype, is available to all users.

The service allows users to communicate with other people, inside or outside FBK, using a telephone. The person who calls the conference, the leader, uses a web site to book a virtual room and sends instructions to other participants who will call the phone number.

To use this service you must book a virtual room at  selecting Audioconference from the drop-down menu and specifying:

  • the start/end date and time of the conference;
  • the conference title;
  • the e-mail addresses of the participants.

The system will automatically send an instructions e-mail message to all participants.

Audioconferences from your PC

If you have FBK trusted credentials, you can use the Google Meet or Microsoft Teams services.