The Softphone is an application available for both smartphones and computers, which allows you to use the office telephone remotely.

What is a softphone?

Softphone is a software avaiable for smartphones and computers which allows you to user FBK phone remotely..this means that you will be able to receive and make calls with your FBK phone even though you are not physically in FBK.

How can I use it?

You need to set your phone password on and then install one of the software programs listed below.

It is also necessary to send an email to requesting that your number be enabled for use the Softphone.


The version with basic features can be downloaded for free from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. At this link you can download the Desktop version for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

On first launch of the Zoiper App, enter:

Username: where xxx is your internal telephone number: (Eg: 808-soft):

  • the last 3 digits for numbers starting with 314 (Eg: 808 for 314808)
  • the last 4 digits for numbers starting with 312 (Eg: 2400 for 312400)

Password: own soft-phone password ( and select "Create account"

Sip Server: and select “Next”

Don't put the flag on: "Optional” 

 “Authentication and Outbound proxy"

and select “Skip”

If headphones, microphones or other audio devices are used, click on "Configure" and run the various tests proposed, otherwise click on "Skip" again.

At this point Zoiper will check the possible configurations: “SIP UDP” must be found and selected.

To move on. If the configuration is correct, with a green tick will appear under “Account” in the top left.

Enter in Settings - Behavior and remove the check from "Show PRO screen at startup"



It's possible download it for free simply by clicking on the link above or at the following link:

Once downloaded and installed it must be configured by following these steps:

  • Click on the button on the top right and then on "Add Account"
  • Then fill in as follows:
    • Account name: your name and surname (Eg: Mario Rossi)
    • Server SIP:
    • Username: xxx-soft where xxx is your internal phone number: (Eg: 808-soft)
      • the last 3 digits for the numbers starting with 314 (Eg: 808 for 314808)
      • the last 4 digits for numbers starting with 312 (Eg: 2400 for 312400)
    • Domain:
    • Password: your Softphone password (
    • Display name: your name and surname (Eg: Mario Rossi)
    • Transport: select "UDP"
    • Put the flag on "Publish presence status"


  • This service is available only if you have a personal FBK phone number
  • When you use this service, all calls made ​​and received, go through the FBK switchboard. This means that the person who receives your call will see your FBK phone number (example 0039 0461-314xxx)
  • Rates:


    • for calls to an internal FBK phone number (Free)
    • for calls to an external FBK phone number (local, long distance or international call): same as your office phone
    • Warning!! If you are using the mobile network you could incur in additional costs. Please check your data plan. If you use this service on a free WiFi network you will not have additional costs.
  • To avoid improper use of your FBK phone number please keep your phone password secret
  • The password must be composed with the rules described here. It does not have an expiration date.