Important notice on passport issuance or renewal for international travel

February 23rd, 2023

Given the relevance of business travel in the work conducted by the Foundation and in particular in the achievement of research results, we would like to remind all staff that they should take action well in advance for the issuance or renewal of passports when business travel abroad is expected.

As many of you may have already noticed, the waiting time for obtaining a passport has lengthened considerably, which can cause significant inconvenience and delays for business travelers.
To this end, we recommend that you take the necessary precautions and start the passport issuance or renewal application procedure as soon as possible, at least four months before your planned departure date.

Also, remember that some destinations abroad require special actions and documents for entering the country, so please check these requirements carefully and make sure you have everything you need for your travel.

Please contact the Research Centers Support Unit with any questions or clarifications regarding the passport application process or your travel abroad.